Need help getting rid of pestering ants in your home or business?

Pest Control Service for Ants

Ants are a common pest problem all over Kern County. The tiny insects may sneak in through the tiniest cracks in the walls of your home to forage for food or water. The good news is, there are several products used by Safeguard Pest Services to effectively control ants, stop them from coming into your home, and keep them away for good.

If you are having problems with ants, call Safeguard Pest Services at 661-205-5220 today for proven methods to get rid of the insects.

What Kind of Ants Do I Have?

If you have ants and live in Bakersfield or anywhere in Kern County, you most likely have what are called Argentine ants. Other types of ants which are found in much smaller numbers include pharaoh, fire, little black, crazy, carpenter, and odorous house ants.

All these ants will look for food ranging from sugars to proteins. However, since most adult ants cannot digest solid foods, they bring sugary particles they collect back to their nests and feed them to ant larvae. The young larvae then eat the food and regurgitate it in liquid form so the adult ants can eat it.

Adult ants are so dependent on liquid food that they may commonly be found feeding on the liquid output of aphids. In many cases, ants may cultivate aphids much the same way humans do cattle just so they can live off the liquid the bugs produce. Aphid attracting plants will almost always lead to ants if they are left untreated.


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