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Pest Control Service for Crickets

Crickets are considered nuisance pests as they will infest properties, especially during the winter months. Like many other occasional invaders, crickets will seek shelter during the colder parts of the year and lay eggs.

People in Bakersfield most often encounter crickets indoors in the late fall, early winter when the temperatures start dropping and then again in the spring when the temperatures begin warming up. Typically in April, cricket eggs hatch and the nymph and young adult crickets become active inside properties. Of course in parts of the country where it stays relatively warm year round, cricket infestations can occur at any time.

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Trust us, you don’t want to hear these annoying pests at night. Their loud chirping is caused by male crickets rubbing their front legs together to attract females. This “calling song” is not good for homeowners, because fertile females can lay eggs indoors without any issues.

House crickets are nocturnal and love to hide in warm places during the day. Once these evasive bugs are inside your Bakersfield home, they will devour clothes, rugs and any other fabrics they come across, including wool, cotton, silk and synthetics. House crickets will also eat paper, fruits, vegetables and even rubber. If they choose to stay outside, house crickets love to snack on plants and other insects. Protect your garden or beautifully landscaped yard with house cricket pest control.

Inside, these vermin can often be found around the kitchen, basement or fireplace, and they often hide behind cracks and crevices in the walls. A good sign of an infestation is large fecal pellets around these common hot spots. House crickets are difficult to control, because they build nests in unusual, hard-to-reach places.

The Safeguard Solution

Our pest control experts eliminate house cricket infestations quickly and efficiently to prevent further damage to your property. We will silence these loud pests with swift house cricket extermination using the most environmentally friendly methods available.  We will examine the inside and outside of your property, assess any damage and develop a custom extermination plan for your home.

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