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Spiders can be devastating inside a property not only for people with arachnophobia, but due to health concerns as well. It is essential to get rid of these spiders as soon as possible. There are many approaches Bakersfield property owners can take in this regard, but not all of them are going to work out as desired. This is where a proven spider exterminator from Safeguard Pest Control can go a long way in ensuring you are able to relax and have them take over. The main reason for using a professional is that they are going to know exactly what is required to remove the spiders effectively.

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Spiders are tough to control. They don’t spend a lot of time on the surface, so we can treat surfaces with insecticides and it isn’t effective in controlling them, but it’s important to stay on a program of treatment and remove their webs as often as you can, and also don’t set high expectations when it comes to getting rid of spiders. Understand that spiders are beneficial to a degree and their populations can be controlled but not completely eliminated. We commonly deal with black widows, but black widows primarily stay outside in the landscape, and it’s rare that they come inside.


While there are many species of spider, they are all commonly attributed to their 8 legs, head, and abdomen. Some spiders like moisture and are found in basements, crawl spaces and other damp parts of buildings. Others like dry, warm areas such as subfloor air vents, and upper corners of rooms and attics. Different types of spiders have different behaviors, lifespans, and pose different levels of risk to humans. When dealing with a Bakersfield spider infestation, it is wise to seek the counsel of a trained professional who can identify the various species and provide guidance on effective Bakersfield spider control.


If spiders are living in your Bakersfield home or business, that means they have access to food: other insects. So if you have a spider problem, this is often a sign that you have a greater pest problem. Also, spider bites can cause allergic reactions in some people at best, and can be fatal (depending on the type of spider) at worst. Spiders spin unsightly webs that make your home or business appear unclean. To get the best Bakersfield spider removal, call Safeguard Pest Services. To ensure thorough spider control, we break the spiders’ reproduction cycle by removing all webs and egg sacs. We can also address the other insects in your home that the spiders may be feeding on.

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