Need help getting rid of pestering mice in your home or business?

Pest Control Service for Mice

Do you have a mouse problem in and around your Bakersfield home?

House mice are a troublesome and costly pest in homes and commercial buildings in the Bakersfied area. Mice consume and contaminate food meant for people and pets, and they can cause significant damage through their gnawing, and they can create health hazards through their droppings and urine. And they multiply. Fast!

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Because mice are so small, they can easily gain entry into your property through holes as small as a dime! They frequently enter homes during the fall as outdoor temperatures become colder. Effective control requires several steps including upgrading sanitation, eliminating cracks and openings into your home that are larger than 1/4 inch, and taking measures to control the population of mice that have already entered and nested in your home.

Safeguard Pest Services experts have the full training and experience to investigate your specific mouse problem, and create and execute a complete plan to eliminate the mice populations that have already invaded your home, and to prevent mouse populations from returning in the future. In a single year, one female mouse can have 5 to 10 litters. Young mice are born only about 3 weeks after conception, and they reach maturity in about 2 months. Mice problems can multiply quickly! Effective control of mice is time sensitive, and can grow more difficult if ignored.

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