Need help getting rid of pestering house flies in your home or business?

Pest Control Service for House Flies

Do you have flies in your Bakersfield home or business? If so, you’re not alone. Flies often enter into homes and businesses during the warm months. Once inside, female house flies will lay five to six batches of 75 – 100 eggs. Certain species can even transmit disease, as well as parasitic worms.

Physical control measures must be put into place, repair screens, locate and remove harbourages and other food sources. If the breeding material being used by your House Fly population isn’t found and removed, flies will continue to reproduce. Baits, traps and insecticides may also be required if physical control measures do not suffice.

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How Flies enter your home

Flies enter a home through holes that are next to window screens along with small cracks that may be near doors or windows. In some cases, homeowners may bring them into the house on produce. Flies also enter a home when residents forget to close windows or doors. Flies are unsanitary, and homeowners should eliminate them quickly since they often land on food preparation surfaces. Bakersfield climate encourages houseflies to breed. Therefore, residents may consider taking extra precautions to stop the pests from invading their home.

Elimination Methods

To prevent a fly infestation, homeowners should wash all of the produce that they bring into their home. They should also remove garbage. If your Bakersfield home has an extreme fly invasion, then homeowners should contact Safeguard Pest Services for elimination since the company offers several methods for pest removal. For instance, the company’s exterminators may spray insecticide over the areas where flies like to land such as a home’s eaves. Adding professional flytraps is another method that Safeguard Pest Services may employ to exterminate houseflies. An expert pest eliminator will ensure that a home is insect-free.

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